Never Give Up.

McCall, you are truly amazing.

McCall Dempsey

A letter written to an incredible friend I met in residential treatment.  She is currently back in treatment, fighting for recovery once again…and this time she will win.

My dearest friend,

Never give up.  You must recover. You do not have a choice. You will die. And even if you survive…if you give up on this treatment, your life will be mediocre at best.  I say this because I love you. Because I was you. I did not get it. I never got it. In treatment one day my therapist said, “You are one purge away from a heart attack.” Suddenly, I ‘got’ it. I slowly began to understand that I was killing myself, literally killing myself, to reach some point of unreachable perfection. In my twisted and disordered mind, my life would be complete and fulfilled once I reached ‘that’ goal. Well I never achieved ‘that’ goal. I always…

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